SAP CPI Explorer

SAP CPI Explorer is a tool that gives you a better insight into SAP Cloud Platform Integration. It provides some basic information about the system and lets you browse through the system’s bundles, classes and files. In the current version (build 6.6.16), SAP CPI doesn’t show much detail in Web UI. With SAP CPI Explorer …

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abapDOC – Free Documentation Generator for ABAP Repository Objects

When it comes to me I prefer “Working software over comprehensive documentation” (Agile Manifesto). Writing documentation is time-consuming. Its value is also disputable and usually decreases over time if it’s not updated regularly and with care. After all the code/system is always the ultimate source of truth for me. I don’t know about you but …

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SAP PI/PO Library of User-Defined Functions (UDFs)

A good, comprehensive library of User Defined Functions (UDF) is a key component in any successful interface implementation in SAP PI/PO system. Without it, graphical mappings quickly become intricate, hard to read, understand and maintain. This library has been developed across several years and used in almost all SAP PI/PO projects we were involved in. …

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SAP PI/PO Communication Channels (CC) Mass Update

This tools was created to allow fast Communication Channels update in SAP PI/PO system. It’s a great time-saver during PI/PO migration projects or when moving several Communication Channels between development, test and production systems. It uses Integration Directory API introduced in SAP NetWeaver PI 7.1.

Adobe Forms Download

Form Builder for Adobe Forms (tcode SFP) lacks mass-download functionality. This is not an issue if you download two or three Forms, but if you want to download more than ten this becomes cumbersome. This ABAP report fills the gap. You can download several Forms/Interfaces at a time. Just specify the name range for the …

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Quick Print Preview

Quick Print Preview is a useful tool for developers, functional consultants and testers dealing with print programs development. It can be used with Outputs created with Message Control in SAP. All printing technologies available in SAP are supported: SAPscript, Smart Forms and Adobe Forms. The tool lets you create a Set of Outputs for one …

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