Quick Print Preview

Quick Print Preview is a useful tool for developers, functional consultants and testers dealing with print programs development. It can be used with Outputs created with Message Control in SAP. All printing technologies available in SAP are supported: SAPscript, Smart Forms and Adobe Forms.

The tool lets you create a Set of Outputs for one or multiple SAP documents. You can add a free text description to each Output to briefly describe the document/business scenario. The Sets are stored in the database so that you could easily recall them at a later time (for example to regression test a print program). There’s no need to save the documents numbers in some external sheet as this information is available in the system.

You don’t have to go and open each document separately to print or preview an Output. You can do it directly from the tool by clicking one of the icons: “Preview”, “Print” and “Save”.

We’ve been using the tool intensively for the last 2,5 years and received a very positive feedback. Now we make the tool available to you for free !


The program is delivered as an offline abapGit project. Please install abapGit into your system and follow the documentation to import the project.



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