SAP PI/PO Integrated Configuration (ICO) Mass Update

If you like our Communication Channels mass update tool , we’ve got a great news – we decided to make publicly (for free) available our tool for Integrated Configuration (ICO) mass update. The tool works on flat text files and is built using the same concepts as the original CC-MassUpdate tool. You can use it to create new ICO or update an existing one. It will save you a lot of time during PI/PO migration projects or when configuring several similar receivers in one ICO. It uses Integration Directory API introduced in SAP NetWeaver PI 7.1. Adding a dozen of receivers into an ICO is no longer a pain…


The program is delivered as a standalone Java application (only Java 6, 7 and 8 is supported). Please unzip the downloaded file to any location on your local computer.


JAVA 6/7/8

Tested with
SAP PO 7.50


Usage guide



To be able to use the tool, you should assign your user the following roles (please check SAP Help on how to update the roles):



Create a new system environment variable named JAVA_8 and set its value to JAVA 8 bin folder (e.g. C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.8.0_261\bin) Alternatively you can open the *.bat files and change the following line:

set path=%JAVA_8%

to point to JAVA 6,7 or 8 bin folder directly e.g.:

set path=C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre6\bin 

System Connection Setup

First, you have to define the connection to your SAP PI/PO system. Open file and update it with your system’s details:

host=[your system's host name/IP address]
port=[your system's port, default 50000]

Reading Integrated Configuration (ICO)

Open file read.bat and update parameters senderComponent, interfaceName and interfaceNS with the correct values (if your ICO exists you can find them in the header section):

@echo off
set path=%JAVA_8%
java -jar PI-ICO-MassUpdate.jar -connection -read ICO.txt -senderComponent [DEV100] -interfaceName [DESADV.DELVRY03] -interfaceNS [urn:sap-com:document:sap:idoc:messages]

You can modify parameter read to use a file name different than ICO.txt.
Save the file and execute read.bat.

ICO data will be saved in 4 text files (the actual files names depend on the value specified in read parameter, here ICO.txt is assumed as the parameter’s value)

  • ICO.txt – ICO main definition file, contains ICO header data
  • ICO_Receivers.txt – contains a list of ICO Receivers with the corresponding Conditions
  • ICO_Interfaces.txt – contains a list of Interfaces for each Receiver (with the corresponding Condition)
  • ICO_Channels.txt – contains a list of outbound Communication Channels for each Receiver/Interface


The following parameters can be specified:

  • connection <properties file>* – required- reads connection parameters (protocol, host, port, user, password) to SAP PI/PO system from <properties file> (as the alternative, the connection can also be specified using the following 5 separate parameters: protocol, host, port, user, password)
  • read <output file> – reads the specified ICO and saves it to the <output file>
    • senderParty <party name> – optional – ICO sender Party name
    • senderComponent <component name>* – required – ICO sender Component name
    • interfaceName <sender interface name>* – required – ICO sender interface name (e.g. ORDERS.ORDERS05)
    • interfaceNS <sender interface namespace>* – required – ICO sender interface namespace (e.g. urn:sap-com:document:sap:idoc:messages)
  • update <input file> – updates the ICO specified in <input file>
    • mode {full|append} – required for update
      • full – overwrites existing ICO from the data specified in input files
      • append – appends Receivers, Receivers Interfaces, Communication Channels to an existing ICO using the data from the input files.

Updating Integrated Configuration (ICO)

Open the generated ICO files with in any text editor or Excel and modify their content. If you just want to add new Receivers/Interfaces/Communication Channels (parameter –mode append is specified) delete all other records form Receiver/Interfaces/Channels files.
Run script update.bat (remember to specify the correct mode parameter value) to update the Integrated Configuration in the SAP PI/PO system.

The script will save all changes into a new or existing Change List.

The changes will remain inactive until you activate them manually in Integration Directory.


  • Receiver
    • only Standard Receiver Determination is supported (PI/PO default)
    • only XPath Conditions are supported
  • Receiver Interfaces
    • only XPath Conditions are supported
    • Operation Parameters update is not supported
    • Maintain Order at Runtime cannot be changed
  • Outbound Processing
    • Header Mapping update is not supported
  • Assigned Users – data cannot be updated
  • Advanced Settings – values cannot be updated in the current version

Change Log

12-Mar-2021, Version 1.0.0

  • Initial release

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