Deploy EAR/SCA file with SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio (NWDS)

Deploy EAR/SCA file with SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio (NWDS)

To deploy EAR/SCA file to your SAP AS Java server, you’ll need SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio (version >= 7.31).

SAP NWDS can be downloaded from SAP web site:

  • NWDS 7.50 : open Software Downloads and enter NW DEVELOPER STUDIO 7.50 into search field,¬† choose the latest installaction package (one having highest SP version)

Open NWDS and switch Perspective to Deployment by selecting menu Window->Open Perspective->Other…

Choose perspective Deployment

Go to menu Window->Preferences and select SAP AS Java from the list on the left side. Click the Add button to add the system you’d like to deploy EAR/SCA into:

Enter the parameters of your system(Instance Number can be easily deduced from Java system’s port number – e.g. if the server works on port 50100, its Instance Number is 01) and confirm with OK button

Leave Preferences window by clicking OK button

Select the SAP system in Repository Explorer window and click Import button in Deployment List section

In the Import window, select option File System if your EAR/SCA file isn’t a part of your current Workspace. Click the Finish button and select the location of your EAR/SCA file on your local computer

Make sure that you selected the right file and click the Start button

If you want to re-deploy the same EAR/SCA, you have to select option Update deployed archives that have the same or lower component versions than the selected ones ‚Äčin the Settings section

After a successful deployment your EAR/SCA will appear under your system in the Repository Explorer window

Congratulations! You’ve successfully deployed EAR/SCA into your SAP AS Java system.