Generate Object Modification Key in SAP (Keygen)

We strongly encourage you to use the official SAP site to generate the modification key for an object. But what shall you do if you’re not allowed to register objects yourself and the person responsible for the task is on a sick leave or vacation? Or you’re facing a serious production issue, need to modify an object and cannot reach that person? Well, there’s a way…

There’s been a tool around “SAP R/3 License and Object Key Generator” which lets you generate the modification keys in a “less official way”. The tool is a Windows standalone application. Download zip file from here and extract it to any location. Run the application, enter your object’s details in “Object Key” section and click “Generate” button.

SAP Keygen v1.71

Another way is to use site “SAP Object Modification/Access Key Online Generator“. Go to the site, enter “SAP System and Object” details and click “Generate Key” button.

SAP Object Modification/Access Key Online Generator
Modification and Developer Keys in S/4 HANA

SAP has deactivated modification/developer keys as a control mechanism in S/4 HANA (starting with S/4HANA 1511). Authorization object S_DEVELOP is sufficient to create and modify programs in S/4 HANA systems. For more information see OSS Note 2309060 – The SSCR license key procedure is not supported in SAP S/4 HANA (

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