Receive alerts in your favorite communicator. Notify your support team about errors. Solve problems in SAP PI/PO system effectively.

Highlighted features

The application lets you forward alerts from SAP PI/PO system to the Microsoft Teams communicator.
The program uses the standard infrastructure of “Component-Based Message Alerting” introduced in version 7.31 of SAP PI/PO system.

Easy Installation

The installation and configuration of the application takes only 15 minutes and requires basic SAP PI/PO skills


You decide how often the alerts are sent to MS Teams. It's up to you to decide what kind of errors will be sent (through the configuration of Alert Rules in Integration Directory).


No sensitive information is collected by the application. Alerts are forwarded to your private MS Teams end-point using a secure HTTPS/SSL protocol

Custom Search Attributes

Define User-Defined Search Configuration to show additional attributes (e.g. IDoc number, invoice number, customer order number) in alerts and to easily find corresponding documents in your system



The demo version processes up to 3 alerts in a single run (all remaining alerts created in the meantime will be ignored). It also has a time limit and will stop working after 8 hours counting from the installation time. If 8 hours isn’t enough for you to evaluate the software you can re-install it and reset the timer.


The program is delivered as a single EAR file (Enterprise Application Archive) and installed as a periodical Java Scheduler Task.

It takes just a few simple steps to install and configure the application. Follow the detailed installation guide.

You’ll need SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio (NWDS, version >= 7.31) or access to SUM (Software Update Manager) to deploy the solution into your system.

System requirements

version >= 7.31

System JDK
version >= 1.6 (Java 6)

Licensing and pricing

The license is granted per company. You can install the tool on any number of SAP PI/PO systems owned by your company.
Please contact us for individual quotation if you’d like to acquire more than 1 license.