SAP AS Java Keystore Monitor

Certificate expiration e-mail notification for SAP AS Java (SAP PI/PO, SAP Portal). Be proactive, renew certificates in time…

Highlighted features

The application sends e-mail notification about expiring/expired certificates stored in SAP AS Java Key Storage. It runs as a Java Scheduler Task and can be defined as a periodical job.


Easy Installation

The installation and configuration of the application takes only 15 minutes and requires basic SAP AS Java skills


You decide how often the application runs and how often Key Store is monitored. You can monitor all Key Store Views or just specific Views. Define the number of days before certificate expiration to be notified in advance


The tool is integrated into SAP AS Java. It runs as a Scheduler Job and uses standard JavaMail service to send notifications.


You do not have to check Key Store manually on a regular basis. The tool will automatically notify you about any expiring certificates so that you could renew them in advance



  • JavaMail Client Service is properly configured in your SAP AS Java system. If not, contact your Basis team or follow the instructions in SAP Help.
The program is delivered as a single SCA file (Software Component Archive) and installed as a Java Scheduler Task.

It takes just a few simple steps to install and configure the application. Follow the detailed installation guide.

You’ll need SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio (NWDS, version >= 7.31) or access to SUM (Software Update Manager) to deploy the solution into your system.

System requirements

version >= 7.31

System JDK
version >= 1.6 (Java 6)

Licensing and pricing

The license is granted per company. You can install the tool on any number of SAP AS Java systems owned by your company.
Please contact us for individual quotation if you’d like to acquire more than 1 license.